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Better Sunglasses for The better Effects

Few people know how to choose sunglasses so that they protect their eyes and sit properly, and do not break a week after the purchase. To acquire them should be treated responsibly, as counterfeit glasses not only do not have protective actions, so also contribute to impaired vision. If in the Russian realities a fake RayBan is quite suitable for the season, in Thailand it is better to prefer quality to the price.

Rim And Lens Material

First, pay attention to the lens. What kind of glasses for sunglasses to choose the very nature suggests that the glass behind which the mods are so chasing, is less scratched, but only partially restrains the ultraviolet. But quality polymers, like polycarbonate, prevent the rays A and B from getting on the retina of the eye. Infrared rays delay only polarizingsunglasses, and the classic, especially image, they do not interfere.

Lenses for sunglasses

Advice! If you often drive a car, it’s best to leave your choice on plastic windows, as they are more safe in case of an accident (what if you got into an accident in Thailand?). Such glasses will either just fly out of the frame, or, even if it’s broken – the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.


The frame material can be any. Lightweight plastic has its advantages, for example, it is durable and long serves. Metal models with wooden inserts look no less stylish, they are stronger in strength than plastic. Only it is important to carefully consider the place of attachment of the lens to the frame, with a strong constriction of the metal frame in the fixation points, cracks can form. They dramatically deteriorate the appearance of the accessory and shorten the service life.

Color And Level Of Darkening Of Glasses

Not all sunglasses are perfectly dark. Barrier for sunlight is not an intensive coloring of lenses. Even, on the contrary, maximally darkened lenses without a protective filter from the ultraviolet damage the eyes even more than semi-transparent glasses of “chameleons”. The fact is that behind the dark lenses the pupil involuntarily expands and literally absorbs harmful rays.

Protection From Radiation

If you still cannot decide, then try to choose sunglasses by type of protection. The barrier factor and type of filter manufacturers point to a special insert that comes with the accessory. Additionally, some manufacturers note on the liner the conditions in which it is recommended to use glasses.

The right choice of sunglasses will help understanding of all their characteristics. Seller’s optics salons often mention polarization, talking about the models of glasses for motorists and fans of beach holidays. In fact, the presence of a polarizing filter indicates that the lens is coated with a special coating, blocking glare and reflections. Therefore, for those who decided to choose quality sunglasses for staying in the resorts of Thailand, you need to pay attention to models with good polarization. Scientifically speaking, such a filter cuts out the vertices of the amplitudes of light waves exceeding a given norm.

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